Do you ever have the feeling that going to school could be more than it is? That the possibilities of wonder, curiosity, joy, and accomplishment are always just bubbling under the surface – or just around the corner, out of reach?

So do we.

Arts integration isn’t just about the arts. It’s about opening up the senses, engaging the whole person, the acting of making something. It’s about bringing the joy of creative expression to all areas of knowledge.

That’s how Create Academy came to be. We are a K-5 public charter school located in Central Phoenix that is dedicated to arts integration, project-based learning, and social justice.


Why choose Create Academy?

  • Smaller school environment

  • Interactive, hands-on learning

  • Multicultural perspectives

  • Arts integration which is linked to higher student achievement

  • Student access to professional artists and designers

  • Studio Arts and Spanish 4 times per week


School Days and Hours:

Regular school days: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Early release days (Fridays): 8:30am – 1:00pm

Download the school calendar here

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